All the types are labelled alphabetically besides the last three because they're different. If you have a team of 1 main type all through for example: Bug Bug/Steel Bug/Fighting Bug/Poison Bug/Flying Bug then it's allowed that doesn't go in mixed or double or triple combo type teams because the main type is bug however if it's say for example: Bug Bug/Steel Bug/Poison Bug/Ghost Ghost/Ice Bug then no because Ghost/Ice doesn't have bug type in it so it would go in double type combo team because there is Bug/Ghost already there but if it was for example: Bug Steel/Ground Bug/Poison Bug/Fighting Bug/Ghost that would go in Triple Type combo cause it has bug, steel and ground types and 2 are unrelated to bug therefore being in triple type combo teams but if it goes higher for example: Steel/Ground Bug/Ground Bug/Grass Ghost/Ice Bug/Ghost Water/Flying would go in mixed because there's more than three, bug/ground/water/flying here is another thing you might get wrong say for example: Bug/Ground Dragon/Ground Steel/Ground Grass/Bug Ghost/Ice Bug/Ghost that would be triple type combo teams because there's Bug, Ground and Ghost and none of the pokemon are without those types. Ok have fun and insert your article links in the right columns. Thank You.

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